By: Dra. Margarita Maricela Rosas Dossetti

Former President AMMVIH 2014-2015 .-


The decisions taken and the actions carried out during the years 2014-2016 in the Mexican Medical Association of HIV / AIDS (AMMVIH), were transcendent and identified the philosophy of the group during this period.

Its effects positively affected the management and administration of our assets and the growth of our Association.

Improvisation was not a characteristic of our management; We face each of our tasks responsibly and based on planning.

The set of actions that we carry out were divided into two aspects; on the one hand, those that had the purpose of improve capacities and outcomes in HIV prevention and control, and the other that always sought to ensure that doctors who care for patients with HIV can have access to the latest knowledge on the disease, its prevention and its management.

Objective Accomplished.

The trajectory that we had within the structure of the Association gave us the opportunity, upon reaching its Presidency, to guide the actions to analyze its constitution and improve its functioning, as well as guaranteeing the continuity of the programs, agreements and agreements in force, especially in those destined to provide support for vulnerable groups, whose objectives were to train and innovate.

Guiding Axes

The Mexican Medical Association of HIV / AIDS has always been committed to the comprehensive care of those living with this disease; Like the health institutions to which the vast majority of associates belong, we seek that the guarantee of the continuity of universal treatment coverage is fulfilled, in addition to strengthening the prevention and timely detection targeting populations at higher risk, preparing ourselves academically for it, sharing globally the advances that are developed in other parts of the world and in Mexico.

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Developed activities

The coordinated work with the main health institutions, seeking to integrate medical teams prepared in the management of comorbidities and co-infections, was a fundamental point of our management; make changes to HIV Patient Care Guide, emphasizing the obligation to use this scheme; The incorporation of the WHO cascade to evaluate our services and the development of Congresses, Symposia and Courses, marked our passage through the Presidency of the AMMVIH.

In the years that we were at the helm of the cluster, many important changes in antiretroviral therapy were presented on the world scene, universal access to treatment and “one” therapy (a single pill) made us see a lot of light in the end of the tunnel and there we were to multiply new knowledge; All the work done by the associates was very satisfactory, promoting the reduction of side effects in the treatment such as lipoatrophies and lipodystrophies, as well as the search for changes in the therapeutics of protease and integrase inhibitors, a whole world of innovation.

In short, this is a small synthesis of our passage through the Presidency of our beloved Association. Personally, I have always been trained in the service and attention to my peers, my professional training will always be marked by ethics and love for my career, but serving through the Mexican Medical Association of HIV / AIDS has made that today can say: It was an honor working with you colleagues.

Thank you.

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