First came the Kindle, then tablets and now in most homes Alexa is present, Amazon’s next step would be to offer sound solutions for televisions.

Amazon is not only an e-commerce giant. Over the last few years, it has also become one of the companies that bet the most on smart devices: speakers with or without a screen, tablets, content players and etc.

And, is that, the American company dares with everything. In fact, a few weeks ago we knew their new televisions destined to compete with those of traditional brands such as Samsung, LG or Sony.

As for televisions, what is beginning to be rumored is that Amazon’s would be working on sound bars. It is not strange that this is their movement, they have been studying sound for a long time.

The information comes thanks to a report by Bloomberg in which it is commented that Amazon would have a long list of products for the home in its hands. The soundbar would be the first, but there is also talk of a wall speaker.

Both teams would have, as is expected, the Alexa integration for smart functions. But there is more. In the range of products that is expected there would also be a karaoke with Alexa, Echo Auto 2 Gen and a team capable of following the user around the house.

The second generation of Echo Auto would arrive to add improvements both in design, the size would be increased and, in addition, this device could wirelessly charge users’ mobile phones.

The device intended to follow the user around the home would be called “Echo robot woes” or, at least, that name appears in the report. Not much is known about it, but it would have a smart speaker to play music or answer the user.

The rumors are there, although the date on which these products will reach the market and if they arrive is not very well known. We will have to wait for Amazon make an official announcement about itAs soon as we know more details, we will let you know.