Amazon suspends shipments in Russia and closes access to Prime Video

Amazon suspends shipments in Russia and closes access to Prime Video

The recent war in Ukraine has left no Amazon shipping and no Prime Video service to users in Russia.

Today, More than 300 companies have joined the boycott or blockade against the country led by Vladimir Putinincluding Nike, Netflix, Adidas, PayPal, Samsung and many more.

Today, following the line that has been drawn against the invasion of Ukraine, Amazon announced that it will suspend shipments in that countrybut not only that, but also access to its Prime Video platform has been blocked and users cannot watch the content.

This decision will not only affect Russia, but also Belarus, all this as a result of the attacks on Ukraine and as a protest against a conflict that has raised alarms around the world, even considered one of the most worrying of the last 30 years.

Not surprisingly, due to the attacks in Ukraine, Russia has become the country with the most sanctions in historywith more than five thousand restrictions that have been added since the invasion began two weeks ago.

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In this way, through a statement, Amazon confirmed the suspension of its services in the European country, in which it explained:

“Given the current situation in Russia and Ukraine, we have taken additional measures in the region. We have suspended the shipment of retail products to customers based in Russia and Belarus,” the company said.

On the other hand, yesterday Amazon’s cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services, confirmed that it has stopped accepting new registrations. in Russia and Belarusthis according to information from The Wall Street Journal.

Companies in the boycott against Russia

The sanctions in Russia do not cease and, on the contrary, they are added day by day, and will most likely continue to happen as the conflict continues to escalate.

Let us remember that, a few days ago, Netflix also dealt a heavy blow to its Russian users, since, now, they do not have access to the platform.

This decision of the platform from Los Gatos, California, even, does not seem to generate a major problem, since in Russia Netflix has just over a million subscribers, a much lower figure compared to the more than 220 million that, currently , the company has been won.

However, neither Amazon Prime Video nor Netflix are the only streaming platforms that have decided to leave the Russian country in the middle of the war.

Disney+ recently confirmed that its premieres will not be released in the country ruled by Vladimir Putin. Also, Warner Bros is another of the companies that have cut relations with Russia and, now, The Batman will not be released in that country.

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