Due to an apparent error, Amazon Canada announced ahead of time the features that will have the new Kindle Paperwhite and the Signature Edition version from the reader e-books, since a comparative table that shows them was published on the site, which has already been withdrawn.

According to the information shown in this table, Amazon has a Kindle Paperwhite (about $ 117) and a Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (about $ 164) ready to go on the market.

Both have a 6.8 inch e-ink screen (current version is 6 inches), with 300 dpi resolution and IPX8 resistance, which protects them against splashes, to be able to use them at the edge of the pool or on the beach.

Only the Signature Edition integrates the new wireless charging and it has 17 LEDs instead of the five used in the current version for the backlighting, which adjust their brightness according to the surrounding lighting.

The basic Kindle Paperwhite includes 8GB of storage, while the Signature Edition has 32GB (the same as the two storage options available for the current Paperwhite) and both integrate Wi-Fi connectivity.

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What is not mentioned in the table is the type of USB connector that the new Kindles will use, so it is not clear if Amazon will finally update them to USB-C, after continuing for a long time with the increasingly obsolete Micro USB. (Even the Kindle Oasis, Amazon’s premium model, keeps the Micro USB connector.)

Regarding the software, Both models are expected to arrive with the new Kindle interface that was announced last week. and that represents the first major change in the software of these e-readers since 2015.

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It is very likely that the official announcement of the new Kindle will occur during the event that Amazon has scheduled for September 28, where, as reported, they will announce news in their devices, functions and services.