Today more and more people have adopted veganism as part of their lifestyle. However, it is thought that the possibilities of a diet are reduced to a minimum and this is not the case, since there is a whole world of possibilities. That is why this Christmas he opts for unique, nutritious and flavorful dishes. Take note!


Tickets are essential for any meeting. These should be easy to make, rich and accompany the main course. So among the options is beet/beet hummus on a topping of whole wheat bread or mashed potatoes with almond butter. If you decide to go for a lighter dinner, you can make a sweet apple salad or a vegan potato salad.

Main course

Most dinners revolve around the main course. So it could be a vegan bean cake, pesto roasted mushrooms, stuffed aubergines, vegan pasta with pea pesto, sweet potato stuffed with a sweet and sour sauce, or vegan lasagna, to name a few.


Desserts cannot be missed to close our celebration with a flourish. So the classic chocolate cake cannot be left behind. But there are also the vegan brownies, apple pie, alfajores with peanut butter and carrot bread to delight any demanding palate.


Drinks are not to be missed and what better way to accompany our meals than with a healthy cocktail. If you want refreshing drinks there are the orange mojito with a subtle touch of rum, a sangria with blueberries and strawberries/strawberries or pineapple citrus and green tea. But if you want to warm your heart, vegan punches are the solution.

So with these simple recipe examples, let’s hope they inspire you to prepare an incredible vegan Christmas dinner free of all animal abuse. Remember that the main thing is to spend a pleasant moment with yours.