Razer’s smart face mask now only costs $ 100; We tell you why this high-end device is worth it, which also looks incredible.

The smart mask from Razer was first presented as a prototype at the CES 2021, under the name Project Hazel. Then, he was officially introduced to the world during the RazerCon 2021; Now, this Thursday, October 21, is launched as Razer Zephyr, and it’s already on sale for $ 100.


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You can buy the Zephyr for $ 100 or choose a $ 150 package, which includes three replacement filter kits; individual replacements cost $ 30.

The Zephyr is a high-end pandemic protection kit designed for gamers. The transparent design and RGB lighting add flashes of colored lights.

It has an active air filtration system of double fan with N95 filters. In theory, this protects both you and others and there is even a mobile application to customize the lights.

The mask of Razer It is a worthwhile device, although it is a bit late for the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also not sure that it is over. The mask Zephyr helps people feel more comfortable in public and look great, especially if they are already fans of Razer.

Already on sale! The Razer Zephyr Smart Mask is only $ 100