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Alpine’s blunder that eliminates Alonso in Q1 of the Spanish GP

Alpine’s blunder that eliminates Alonso in Q1 of the Spanish GP

It was the moment of truth and Alpine failed again. This time it was a miscalculation with the time available to start the last flying lap, which ended up making it impossible for Fernando Alonso to even try to improve on his previous time.

It seems that this year things cannot go well for Fernando Alonso, who once again has seen how it has been impossible for him to get the most out of his Alpine A522 with the number 14.

This time it was not a mechanical failure or an inopportune rival that caused the disappointment, but a simple computer miscalculation in a routine situation. Something that makes the final result in Fernando Alonso’s home Grand Prix even more frustrating.

«I did not have much information from the engineer, there was a misunderstanding about the time left»

This is how a sorrowful Fernando Alonso explained it to the press after be eliminated in Q1 and find yourself doomed to 17th position grid for Sunday’s race. And in one of the circuits where it is more difficult to climb positions.

“We were many in the pit laneand then when starting the round, we were all a bit at the time limit because the session was over», commented the Asturian. And, in fact, at the start of Q2 the FIA ​​had to remind the teams that it was forbidden to slow down when exiting the pit lane, as it is not possible to overtake until you have left the pit lane.

2 seconds or 20 seconds?

But the worst of all was not the traffic jam at the pit exit, but the misunderstanding between Fernando Alonso and his engineerwhich did not provide the pilot with adequate information at the time of preparing the exit lap.

“I didn’t get much information from the engineer either, there was a bit of a misunderstanding about the time left,” admitted Alonso. “I thought we were a second away from being able to cross the finish line and then it turns out that there were about 20 seconds left”.

«I came out right behind Lando (Norris), trying to enter the lap, and the truth is that it was all a bit … a misunderstanding ». Indeed, Alonso thought that he was not in time to cross the finish line before the end of the session, so he overtook a few cars in the final corners. But he couldn’t do it with Norris’s McLaren. This condemned him to start the lap glued to the rear of the orange car, completely ruining his fastest lap.

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“If I had known in advance, I would have created more space with Lando and done my own lap. But I heard on the radio: “It’s very, very tight, you have to launch now, now, now”. So I did it and in the end it was not necessary.

No rhythm in the Alpine

Regardless, the Alpine didn’t seem to be up for much joy either. In fact, although Stephen Ocon he had a little more luck again and managed to get through to Q2 with his Alpine, but he was unable to aspire to Q3 after finishing qualifying in a discreet 12th position.

This was also reflected by Fernando Alonso, pointing out that from the third free practice session he saw that there was a lack of speed, so the initial aspiration to reach Q3 seemed complicated.

«The day… since Free Practice 3 we were not very fast. We have a different piece in the car, which this weekend was my partner’s turn. And I think it has been noticed, that there was a bit of a lack of rhythm»concluded Alonso, who has lost almost all chance of scoring points in the home Grand Prix.


Photos: Alpine F1 Team