Now you can recreate the most iconic scenes from Home Alone.

Would you like it have your own recreation of the McCallister home from Solo at home? Well, it seems that soon you will be able to do with one, since LEGO plans launch this themed toy in November this year. Wow, that’s right around the corner.

This project designed by Alex Storozhuk, and approved by himself Macaulay Culkin, it was presented in its day to the toy company’s program, called LEGO Ideas, and came out with a large bag of votes under his arm, which earned him your proposal was approved. Now with the help of LEGO Ideas designers Antica Bracanov and Enrique Belmonte Beixer, the Home Alone set it is ready for production.

Opening a small parenthesis and, incidentally, putting everything in context, I would like to go over what the program is LEGO Ideas that we mentioned before, in case you don’t know. Basically LEGO Ideas is a platform where LEGO consumers can submit their proposals so that, if they are lucky, they can one day become real products. of the toy company that can be marketed, like any other product of the company.

That said, we can go back to the LEGO Home Alone set, specifically what it contains. This product contains 3,955 pieces for the floors of the house. Although, clearly, the thing does not end there, since we will also find figures of Kevin, Harry, Marv, Kate and the old man Marley. In addition, it will also bring various pieces, such as the robbers’ van, some traps to set around the house and, in short, more elements with which recreate some of the most memorable moments from the 1990 film. As you can see, the set is quite complete, so, without a doubt, we are before one of the best possible gifts this coming Christmas.

Kevin McCallister from LEGO.

As we have already mentioned before, LEGO Home Alone Set Coming in November, specifically on day 1, at a price of € 249.99. By the way, you may be interested to know that for, more or less, the same dates will premiere at Disney + Home Sweet Home Alone, a new installment that will act as remake of the original production starring Macaulay Culkin, or Kevin McCallister, if you prefer.

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