Allison Chase Cosplay presents her Guardian of Zelda: BOTW

Allison Chase Cosplay presents her Guardian of Zelda: BOTW

Over time, artists and cosplayers become more and more creative, but Allison Chase has outdone them all, creating a life-size replica of a Guardian from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with sound, lights, and movement that make it look like the real thing.

Allison Chase Cosplay shared her replica of a deteriorated guardian from Zelda: BOTW on her TikTok account, where we can see her creation in motion with the sounds and lights it features in the Nintendo Switch video game.

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This replica of the deteriorated guardian plays the music of the game when it is turned on, while the lights on the body and the “eye” turn on, simulating it looking for enemies. That’s not all, as the Guardian also simulates finding a target and readies their weapon before shutting down again.

This deteriorated ancient guardian cosplay was featured at MegaCon, taking place this weekend in Orlando. This convention began on May 19 and ends today May 22, so few will have the opportunity to witness a “functional” guardian live, but the videos published by Allison show us a high-quality replica.

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Allison Chase has long been sharing the behind-the-scenes process of creating her “cosplay” from guardian and just a few days ago he shared how he created the animation for the neck movement, showing a deteriorated guardian from Breath of the wild for reference.

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In total, Allison Chase posted 26 videos showing the steps behind her creation, and each video had thousands of reactions, building a community that was waiting for the day the cosplay was announced to be finished.