Allison Chase cosplay as Snowball, the dog from Rick & Morty

Allison Chase cosplay as Snowball, the dog from Rick & Morty

In the cosplay scene there are many dedicated to transforming into their favorite characters, but Allison Chase is distinguished by creating cosplays beyond our imagination, because on one occasion he presented a costume of Snowballthe puppy of Rick & Morty who becomes intelligent and tries to take over the world.

In the second episode of the TV series, Jerry complains that the family dog, Snuffles, is too dumb, so Rick creates a device to make him try harder. However, this gets out of control and eventually the puppy decides to take over the land, plus he changes his name to Snowball. The cosplay that Allison Chase created was inspired by this episode and it turned out amazing on her.

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Allison Chase is a very talented cosplayer who is known for seeking increasingly difficult jobs, and one of the first she presented was the Snowball cosplay from Rick & Morty, with which she attended MegaCon 2019 in Florida. This cosplay pretends to be a Snowball controlling the robot, since the puppy even moves its head.

We first saw the Snowball cosplay in motion in the post above, but later the cosplayer showed us Snowball dancing at MegaCon 2019, showing off her creation’s mobility in a hilarious way.

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The Snowball cosplay was very well received both at the convention and on social networks, as many were left wanting to see this creation in person, since we had never seen such a work. One of the photos that Allison Chase shared was posing with a Summer, simulating a scene from Rick & Morty.

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Every year cosplayer Allison Chase sets herself a more difficult challenge, which has led her to build a Power Loader from Alien, a Gatobus from My Neighbor Totoro, and a life-size replica of the Deteriorated Guardian from Zelda: BOTW. The latter has just been presented this weekend, so I recommend that you follow Allison on her networks so you can see her creations.