Home Gaming Allielice cosplay as Yor Forger from the Spy x Family anime

Allielice cosplay as Yor Forger from the Spy x Family anime

Allielice cosplay as Yor Forger from the Spy x Family anime

the anime of Spy x Family is the most popular of the season and that its first season barely has 6 episodes, which has caused a wave of very creative fan arts and cosplays. One of them is the one that presented Allielicewho performed a cosplay of Yor Forger unique.

Yor Forger is a professional assassin who poses as Loid’s wife and Anya’s adoptive mother, in order to maintain a facade that will help her with her real work. This character is one of the most popular of Spy x Family and thanks to that Allielice decided to cosplay him.

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Yor Forger’s cosplay by Allielice was published last week and became very popular on twitter, where it already has more than 200 thousand reactions. Some Spy x Family fans were so impressed with Allielice’s look in her cosplay that they decided to make some fan art for her, as in the case of illustrator Eli.

A few days ago Allielice published a TikTok in which she shows us her version of Yor Forger in motion, with which she captivated her followers. Although Allielice hasn’t posted any more photos in her Yor Forger cosplay since then, the good reception she got might cause her to share more soon.

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If you like the way Allielice plays Yor Forger from Spy x Family, I invite you to check out her other cosplays on her social networks, as she usually shows unique versions of the characters she plays. In the meantime, we await a new episode of the Spy x Family anime, which releases a new one every Saturday.

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