From time to time they can be found very interesting offers on Google Play for apps and games all types. These offers usually have between 40 and 100% discount on dozens of interesting apps. Today we collect the free applications and games that are usually paid. All the apps and games on the list are paid and only during 24 or 48 hours are available for free. If you enter you will see the original price crossed out and the possibility of download them for free. Of course, you can only take advantage of the offers if you hurry.

All apps free for a limited time from Google Play

In this list you will find the Android apps free for a limited time more interesting. They are the ones with the best score and the most downloads of all those that are on offer. If you enter the applications you will see that only for a short time can be downloaded for free. If you enter and Google Play asks you to pay for them, it means that the offer has expired and you will not be able to take advantage of it.

Free games that are usually paid

All these free apps and games usually cost money

Like the apps in the list above these are also paid games that are free for a limited time. You can only download them without paying if you hurry and take advantage of the offer time. Are games of all kinds that you can try for free and store on your device without paying.

All these games and apps are available for free at the time of writing these words and you can take the opportunity. If you hurry, you can fill your device with new applications and games that are usually paid. Without the promotions, downloading everything would cost you several tens of euros / dollars.

Are you going to download these free games and apps?