All the games Remedy Entertainment is working on

All the games Remedy Entertainment is working on

Just a few hours ago it was confirmed that the Finnish company RemedyEntertainment had reached an agreement with Rockstar Games for the return of Max Payne, specifically in the form of remakes of the first two installments of the saga. They are two more titles for a study that seems to be working at full capacity. So much so that today we want to make a brief review. In that sense, below you will find all the games Remedy Entertainment is working onat least those that have been confirmed to date, although some still do not even have their title made official, which continues in the form of a code name.

  • Max Payne 1 and 2: We start with the most recent. Remedy has confirmed that it is already working on updating the first two installments of the Max Payne saga with ambitious remakes of which until now, yes, we have no more information.
  • Alan Wake 2: The long-awaited return of the video game world’s favorite novelist is also a reality. Alan Wake 2 has already shown its first teaser and also has a release date: 2023. We are waiting for news.
  • Check 2: the first Control returned the splendor to a Remedy who was not living her best moments. One of the favorite games of the public in 2019 will also have a sequel, but the only thing we know so far is its existence, nothing more.
  • Condor: Such is the push that Control has given to Remedy that the Finnish company thinks of expanding its universe as much as possible. This is the case of Project Condor, a multiplayer game for four users that will plunge us back into that world of science fiction.
  • Vanguard: something similar happens with this project in collaboration with the Chinese corporation Tencent, which will be a free-to-play shooter and game as a service that will have narrative elements, although we still don’t know more about its purpose.

This is what the Max Payne remakes could look like on Xbox Series X | S

As you can see, there are many projects that Remedy Entertainment has in hand (and these are only the ones we know of), which comes from launching its CrossFireX single-player campaigns and the remastering of Alan Wake. The Finnish study seems to have regained the shine of yesteryear and wants to prove it in the coming years with all these ambitious projects.

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