Microsoft Edge is better than ever. More and more users value it as a serious alternative to Google Chrome, which remains the outstanding leader of the browser race. The main reason is all the people involved in the development of this browser, who are doing a commendable job not only to match in possibilities with Chrome (something more than achieved) but to offer attractive extra capabilities.

The bright future that awaits Microsoft Edge

Now, the Edge team has updated the page of What’s next to offer us a general image of everything that is to come to the browser in future versions. Let’s review those that in our opinion are the most interesting!

  • Opening links directly in PWAs instead of opening a browser tab (Edge 97).
  • Form-free text boxes in PDFs (Edge 94).
  • Collections will include citations and reading lists (Edge 95).
  • Machine translation for unknown languages ​​(Edge 94).
  • PWA notifications will show the name of the web app (Edge 94).
  • Possibility of hiding the title bar when using the Vertical Tabs (Edge 93).
  • Improved transition between Edge and IE Mode (Edge 95).
  • Family safety content filter improvements (Edge 94).
  • Sort tabs through custom tab groups (Edge 93).
  • Edge will go to an update system every 4 weeks on Beta and Stable channels (Edge 94).

Many of these new features are focused on improve PWA support. We know Microsoft’s great commitment to web applications and introducing the possibility that the PWAs directly open the links will be differential so that these feel like authentic applications and not as simple “shortcuts” to a website.

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To all these novelties we have to add the new design adapted to Windows 11 that is already being tested on the Canary channel and that we love it. Microsoft finally seems to work in unison in terms of design and we are already seeing the first consequences.