All references to the latest trailer for Arcane, Netflix’s League of Legends series

All references to the latest trailer for Arcane, Netflix’s League of Legends series

It has taken a long time for Riot Games to release a League of Legends series, and Arcane it becomes the first of all of them. The community is always delighted with the quality of the kinematics that they launch from the company, and it was only a matter of time before serial fictions began to arrive on the platforms.

In the latest trailer shown, Riot has tried to show fans EVERYTHING that comes with the New serie. From unknown characters to many familiar faces that will delight fans. If you have not noticed all the details, we will tell you what all the references of the trailer are.

All the details of the new Arcane trailer

The first thing that remains completely in the first seconds of the trailer footage is that we are going to start to understand a LOT of the relationship what’s between Vi and Jinx. According to the in-game lore, the former is a brawler who joined law enforcement unexpectedly, while the latter is an absolute lover of chaos.

From what has been shown, the series raises a very interesting possibility: they are both sisters, and Vi is in a constant struggle to rescue her sister from its darker side. The huge contrast between the two cities where Arcane’s action takes place doesn’t seem to help much to save her: Zaun and Piltover.

Jinx arcane

Arcane will further humanize Jinx, who goes from being a “lunatic” to a person with a complicated background

As a VERY summary summary, while Zaun It would be an area full of evildoers in which the law of the strongest is what prevails, Piltover It is like a Swiss watch: order is the most important thing, and its inhabitants value tranquility and protocol above all else.

They are not the only ones game characters that we will see in the series, because in the trailer they have confirmed at least 4 more: Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Jayce and Viktor.

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Arcane Characters Explained Trailer

These are some of the main characters of the series

The appearance of Caitlyn It makes all the sense in the world, and being the Sheriff of Piltover will have an important weight at the time of the “change of sides” of Vi, which will go from being a gang leader to a servant of law and order. This decision seems made with a single objective: to stop Jinx and lead her on the right path.

The fact that it appears Heimerdinger can present a very interesting scenario, and it is that the apprentice of this, Ziggs, ends up being an ally of Jinx. He is not seen in the trailer, but we could also see how he delves a little deeper into the fall from grace of the explosives-loving yordle.

Caitlyn Arcane

Will we see a change in Caitlyn’s appearance in the game?

With Jayce there is a bit of confusion, and it seems that the issue of the technological enhancement that he “invents” with the use of the Shuriman crystals found within the Skarner race could be dealt with a bit. Everything is cabal, yes. The appearance of his rival, Viktor (before transforming into the mechanical monster that it is today), it also portends that we will delve a bit into the life of the character before the transformation.

Also appear characters that are not in the game and that they may become new champions in the future. Silco seems to be the absolute antagonist, a man with a mysterious yellow eye. On the other hand is Mel, a very important character within the hierarchy of Piltover and who will have a relationship with Jayce. Finally is Vander, the one who appears to be the father (or father figure) of Jinx and Vi, asking the latter to take care of his sister.

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We will leave doubts sooner rather than later, and it is that Arcane will premiere on Netflix next November 6th.