all quests and rewards from the Central Power event

all quests and rewards from the Central Power event

The Pokémon GO Legacy Season continues with a new event called Power Station. One of its most important features is that it includes a few special field research assignments which will remain available for the next few days.

So, in the following guide we are going to offer you all the details about them along with the rewards that each one will include.

Pokémon GO: all the missions and rewards of the Power Plant event

this time Electric-type Pokémon have a special role, since they will appear more frequently when you walk down the street. In addition, the event is dedicated to the Kanto and Kalos power plants, which is why the Pokémon you see come from these regions.

Among them are Magnemite, Voltorb or Helioptile, which was not available in the game until now. In fact, if you can’t find it in the wild, there are a couple of missions in which it will appear when you complete them, so it’s important that you don’t eliminate them and do them if they come out when you turn a Pokéstop.

Whether you get any of the field research tasks from the event is completely random, as they may also drop one for the January tasks. In any case, all of them will remain Available in-game until February 1 and these will be all the rewards that they will give you for carrying them out.

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Catch 5 Electric-type Pokémon

  • Encounter with Electrike
  • Meeting with Joltik
  • Encounter with Helioptile

Make 3 curve ball throws

  • Encounter with Magnemite
  • Meeting with Voltorb

Take a picture of a wild Electric-type Pokémon

  • Mega Energy Ampharos x25
  • Mega Energy Manectric x25

walk 1 kilometer

Encounter with Helioptile

walk 2 kilometers

Meeting with Trubbish

walk 3 kilometers

Meeting with Emolga

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