You did not know that Nintendo has mobile games? The company has been releasing some deliveries for a while mobiles in order to go deeper into the ecosystem. It is possible that soon we will see much more important releases with dates very on par with other platforms, although nothing is confirmed yet. Today we tell you what all the nintendo mobile games that you can download. The good news is that everyone is available free on Google Play.

The 6 free Nintendo games for Android

The company began by launching one of the most anticipated games by users, Super Mario. The bad news is that it did not do it with the same dynamics and playability as in the rest of the games. Nintendo has several games interesting in their Google Play catalog, but all have very severe adaptations compared to the original games. Do not think that you will have the same as in a console.

These are the 6 games that Nintendo has right now on Google Play. All of them have the essence of the original games, but are based on touch screens and very radical adaptations such as that of Super mario run. Some have payouts inside that allow you to play more levels and some don’t.

All Nintendo Mobile Games that you can download

The last two games on the list have also been developed by Nintendo and they are less popular in the West, but the reality is that you should give them a try, as they have very good reviews and ratings.

If you like nintendo games for console and you have an Android mobile, we recommend you download all these options to pass the time when you do not have your console at hand. Or simply if you like to play a game sporadically, these from Nintendo are an interesting option.