The first and second episode of Hawkeye are already available on Disney Plus And it turns out they’re both riddled with comic book references. But most of all, they serve as an introduction to future characters who could become villains and superheroes.

It is not the first time that it has happened in a series or a film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in this case there have been many more than we would expect, to the point of wondering if they are simple “Easter eggs”, or small nods to the comics, or is it really the way the studio plans to introduce characters to the franchise.

Some are quite well known, others are relatively minor characters in the comics. The way to present them in Hawkeye It is extremely casual and in many cases, you do not imagine that it is someone who later could be much more important.

Lucky the pizza dog

The dog Kate Bishop meets in the first episode of Hawkeye, and that saves, is not a character created for the series. It was introduced in Marvel comics and was originally the mascot of Ivan Banionis of the Tracksuit mafia and his first encounter was with Clint barton on Hawkeye # 1 in 2012.

In the series it is different. We see him for the first time with Bishop, outside the gala, and it is she who adopts him. Marvel just released the Lucky’s first comic, Lucky the Pizza Dog Infinity Comic # 1.

Mafia Tracksuit and Ivan Banionis

The Tracksuit mafia is present in the comics of Hawkeye, also known as the Tracksuit Draculas. They, along with Ivan Banionis, who also appears in the series (played by Aleks Paunovic).

In the comics he ends up being an enemy of Clint barton when trying to buy the building where he lived from Banionis, due to the abuse he exerted on his neighbors. The Tracksuit mob ends up hiring a new villain, The clown, who is also introduced in the series.

The Clown, also present in ‘Hawkeye’

Kazimierz Kazimierczak, played in the series by Fra Fee, it will become in The clown, a murderous villain. The comics version of Hawkeye is an update of an older character, which debuted in 1962.

In the series we saw him briefly when a group of hooded men break a wall during a private auction for millionaires. They try to recover a watch that was in the Avengers complex and ends up fighting Kate Bishop.

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Moira brandon

Although we have not seen her yet, the aunt of Kate bishop, who is in Florida, while she and Clint barton they enter his apartment, he is a character from the comics of Marvel.

Moira’s house is sold and made into the headquarters of The Avengers on the east coast. At some point he helps capture a villain and becomes an honorary member of the group, thanks to Clint barton.

At the moment it is not clear if Kate Bishop’s aunt will appear in the series, or it is only a curious reference to the Hawkeye comics.

Detective Caudle

In the second episode of Hawkeye (Hawekeye) Detective Claude calls Kate Bishop, inquiring about the fire in her apartment and asking her to stop by the precinct. It is about the character of the same name that appears in the comics.

Kate helps Caudle stop Flynt Ward, a millionaire florist villain from Los Angeles.

Jack Duquesne / Swordsman

Kate Bishop’s stepfather, Jack Duquesne, played by Tony Dalton, is a Swordsman in the comics. Although apparently the story in the series will be very different.

In the comics he has been both a villain and a hero. He meets Clint Barton as a young man and becomes a mentor and father figure until he attempted to assassinate Hawkeye.

At the moment, in the series, a connection between Barton and Duquesne is not shown, but later we could get a curious surprise if it turns out that both know each other, and incidentally is Bishop’s stepfather.

Maya Lopez / Echo

Maya lopez, also known as Threw out, is introduced at the end of the second episode of Hawkeye. She is a deaf Native American who will have great importance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to appearing in this series, it is expected to appear in other productions and also have its own origin story on Disney +. It is played by Alaqua cox.

Maya Lopez / Echo, in the comics, is also related to Daredevil and Wilson fisk (Kingpin). Although Matt Murdock is not expected to appear in Hawkeye, it is rumored that it will be in Spider-Man: no homecoming.

The power of Maya Lopez is to be able to imitate the movements of anyone she is fighting with, hence her nickname Threw out. At the moment there are no confirmations that the character will connect with the world of Daredevil within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.