All American is an American fiction released in 2018 through The CW that immerses us directly in the sports environment, where we will accompany a promising American football player on his way to success by receiving an offer to join the Beverly team. Hills High.

The story stars young Spencer James, a young man from South Los Angeles with great potential talent to become a professional soccer player but who sees his life change radically when he receives an offer to join the Beverly Hills High team. , where the differences between the elite environment that predominates in this place and that in which the protagonist has grown up, a lower-class district known as Crenshaw, will become apparent. To all this must be added the problems he has to deal with off the field and the pressure he feels in each game knowing that the results will decisively determine his future as a player.

At the head of this production for The CW is April Blair, a screenwriter and producer recognized for her outstanding career on television, a medium in which she has participated in some productions such as Heart of Dixie, Scream: The TV Series or Reign, through which we can appreciate the wide range of genres in which this industry professional has developed.

The cast of All American is made up of a group of actors who mostly have prolific careers in television, highlighting the performances of Daniel Ezra ( The Missing ), Bre-Z ( Empire ), Greta Onieogou ( Heartland ), Samantha Logan ( 13 Reasons Why ), Cody Christian ( Teen Wolf ), Karimah Westbrook ( Suburbicon ) and Monet Mazur ( Castle ).

The story told in All American has its origins in the real life of the athlete Spencer Paysinger, an acclaimed NFL player who had to overcome many obstacles – on the pitch and socially – to find a place between the elite and achieve his dream of becoming one of the biggest names in American football. Through this production for The CW, viewers will be able to learn more about the sacrifices involved in carving out a successful career in the world of sports, and all this with the incentive of watching a story based on real events.

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This fiction became one of the most interesting proposals of the season at the time of its premiere since productions set in the world of sports do not predominate, and from the first chapter, there were many positive reviews it received, which stood out especially the work of its interpreters and the solid script with which the series presented us with a story that goes far beyond the limits of a football field.

Apart from the main plot, which revolves around Spencer’s routine as part of the Beverly Hills football team, the series manages to stand out through the portrait it makes of racism present not only in this area but in the entire American community. So, All American manages to differentiate itself from other fictions of the genre by its marked character of social criticism, which makes it a daring fiction of complexity capable of transcending the screen and even hooking those viewers who do not have a special predilection for the sport. An example that we find in real life and that illustrates this aspect is the statements of the basketball player LeBron James, who on several occasions has denounced the racist insults he has received on the court and off it.

If you are a sports fan or are simply looking for a different fiction to get addicted to, from here we encourage you to jump onto the field and enter the world of American football, through which you will also learn about the problems of racism still present in society American today.

Chapters that you cannot miss:

  • 1×07. ‘California Love’
  • 1×08. ‘Homecoming’
  • 1×09. ‘Keep Ya Head Up’
  • 1×10. ‘mAAd City’
  • 1×11. ‘All Eyez on Me’