all about the new Netflix movie

all about the new Netflix movie

From March 11 will be available the adam project on Netflix. This is the most recent production starring Ryan Reynolds. After the success of dead pool (Tim Miller, 2016), the actor positioned himself as one of the most important commercial faces in the industry today. This new movie comes with that reputation, but with a twist.

Ryan Reynolds It is associated with comedies and some romantic productions. dead pool turned that reputation upside down: not only could he be comical, but he also fit the bill as an action figure, with a little help from stuntmen. That explains his leading role in movies What hard to care (Patrick Hughes, 2017) and squad 6 (Michael Bay, 2019), for example. Without leaving aside laughter, with works like Free Guy: Taking Control (Shawn Levy, 2021) and Red alert (Rawson Marshall Thurber, 2021).

However, the adam project could be understood as the most ambitious project of all the previous ones. One in which its humorous phase is combined with the dramatic one, hand in hand with a script that, seen in the previews, guarantees emotion and maybe something else: it is not ruled out that the entire narrative is intelligent and well run .

what is it about the adam project

This Netflix movie is a story starring Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. as I did with Red alert, the company brings together three well-known figures in the industry to try to generate a success of clicks. Reynolds plays the adult version of Garner and Ruffalo’s son, Adam (Braxton Bjerken). Through the possibility of time travel, both variants of Adam meet: the adult and the youth must live together and face different situations to achieve a better future.

In Reynolds’ words, it is a story of reconciliation between a father and a son, told in a spectacular way. The adult version of Adam will travel from the year 2050 to 2022 to change some events and prevent different decisions from affecting his partner Laurainterpreted by Zoe Saldana. That connection between temporal realities allows the film almost any license: ships, explosions, weapons taken from another time and a handful of comic and emotional moments.

The story resonated with part of what Reynolds experienced during his childhood. He made it known during an interview given to Trade:

“All these problems that Adam has with his childhood and his parents are problems that I have too. I lost my father at a very young age. And when he dies, my brothers and I come together to take care of my mother.”

Ryan Reynolds

On the meaning of the story, director Shawn Levy commented to the aforementioned medium:

I don’t want to make a movie that’s just spectacular and fun, I also want to achieve an emotional connection with the public. I may always be sitting on the set, but a part of me is also sitting in the audience and I make the movies to feel what I would like to feel if I am in the audience.”

shawn levy

Netflix rescues a story that seemed forgotten and is a tribute to the cinema of the 80s

The film is presented as a tribute to the cinema of the 80s. There will be direct references to movies What starwars, ET, Return to the future, among other. The director, Shawn Levy, who has recognized the influence of these franchises on his career, has a lot to do with this. TO TradeRegarding the references, Ryan Reynolds commented:

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“These are giant movies, but they never shy away from the thrill. They never underestimate the public: neither the children nor the parents, and we wanted to preserve that in the adam project. So yes, we could say that this movie is a love letter to the science fiction movies of the 80s. When we worked on FreeGuyShawn and I did the same thing. We wanted to convey that feeling in the film, but I think it’s even stronger in this one.”

Ryan Reynolds

the adam project It has been a potential project for at least ten years. Initially, during 2012, the story was presented through a script written by T.S. Nowlin. At that time, the planned title for the film was Our Name Is Adam. A curious detail? The protagonist was going to be Tom Cruisewith the support of Paramount Pictures as a production house.

However, that didn’t pan out. A couple of years ago, Netflix learned of the project’s existence and took it on by making some adjustments. Tom Cruise would no longer be in the film and the director would be Shawn Levy. From the initial story there may only be a few details left, considering that the final script was worked on by Jonathan Tropperwho revisited the ideas of Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin, the previous ones involved.