Alin Ma and more of her amazing Caitlyn cosplay from the Arcane series

Alin Ma and more of her amazing Caitlyn cosplay from the Arcane series

The cosplayer community has a large number of artists and models with great creativity who often perform amazing characterizations of their favorite characters from series and movies, today we will delve into a cosplay that shows us the flesh and blood version of one of the characters most beloved of the Arcane series, from Netflix.

Something that has caught our attention is that Arcane is one of the biggest hits of 2021 on the Netflix streaming platform, and in this 2022, it continues to take root in popularity. The animated series created in collaboration with Riot Games has managed to thrill millions of viewers around the world, many of whom do not even know League of Legends, the video game on which it is based.

Arcane has also impressed many cosplayers, who in recent weeks have dressed numerous times as protagonists of the series. Curiously, we return to show you one of the most successful cosplay recreations that we have seen and it is dedicated to the female character of Caitlyn.

Best of all, this cosplay was made by the beautiful cosplayer model Alin Ma, also known as xenon_ne on her official Instagram account, where a few days ago we showed you her characterization of this character, and today she returns to go into more detail in his version of Caitlyn.

In League of Legends she is known as the “Sheriff of Piltover”, but in the Netflix series the origins of the character are deepened and we discover more details about her character and relationship with Vi. This cosplay by Alin Ma is very faithful to the Caitlyn of Arcane. Piltover’s agent uniform is treated in great detail, as is the replica of the rifle, practically identical to the one we saw in the animated series.

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