After the 11 of the 11, AliExpress begins to warm up engines for Black Friday. Another designated date in which we can find all kinds of offers on Xiaomi products as of today, November 25 at 08:59 peninsular Spain time.

As usual, AliExpress has prepared a Exclusive Portal from which we can access a wide variety of offers and sections with the best discounts: The + TOP, Spanish shops, Shipping from Europe, Smartphones and accessories, electronics, Computing, Sport and Home and pets.

In addition, during these days that AliExpress Black Friday lasts we can make use of interesting coupons and discount codes. Among them we find:

  • € 43 discount on purchases of + € 290: AEBF43
  • € 29 discount on purchases of + € 190: AEBF29
  • € 18 discount on purchases of + € 100: AEBF18
  • € 15 discount on purchases of + € 100: AEBF15
  • € 9 discount on purchases over € 60: AEBF9
  • € 4 discount on purchases of + € 30: AEBF4

The best deals on Xiaomi products

Of course, during these days that AliExpress Black Friday will last we will find a wide variety of offers on Xiaomi products. Among these we find the following (you will have to apply the different codes or coupons that we have already mentioned or that the seller offers):

The POCO X3 Pro has become the king of this Black Friday.  News Xiaomi Addicts

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is again 10 euros cheaper on Amazon.  News Xiaomi Addicts

We will expand this list in the next few hours with some of the best deals that is giving us the Black Friday of AliExpress.