Aliens, Monkeys and even a clone of Hideo Kojima

Aliens, Monkeys and even a clone of Hideo Kojima

One of the basic pillars on which the Gran Turismo saga has been built is its attention to the smallest detail, and its new installment is no exception: the care that Polyphony Digital has put into shaping cars and scenarios Gran Turismo 7 is exceptionally realistic. Of course, there is also room for humor, fantasy and even science fiction.

Following tradition, the most recent installment of Grand Touring has distributed through its circuits and menus lots of winks and secrets. Many of them, by the way, recovered from previous installments. Some are very visible, others appear by surprise and a couple of them you have to go look for them expressly. On Extra Life we have gathered seven of them and one extra. One for each main installment of the tabletop saga, including Gran Turismo Sport.

That said, and the way the game is designed, you should have progressed through several menus in the Gran Turismo Cafeteria to have access to all the tracks and races that we will talk about next. Nothing that cannot be achieved in two afternoons of vice.

Keep in mind that these tidbits aren’t exactly tricks, they’re secrets. Finding them will not give you an advantage in games, nor will it condition the gaming experience. However, and as you will see below, it is achieved that the games of Grand Touring 7 be a little more special.

The return of the Loch Ness Monster

Screenshot 7329

Nessie, the Loch Ness monster himself, returns to the saga Grand Touring along with the Trial Mountain circuit. In fact, it must be admitted that the design is much more elaborate than the first time it appeared. Of course, to find it we will need extra patience and a very special reference.

Gran Turismo Tm 7 20220403205015

Our advice to quickly find Nessy is simple: when entering trial Mountain, part of the Reverse complete circuit and wait for it to appear a tractor conveniently parked on the left hand side. That will be your reference.

From there, just turn around, face the lake, and wait a couple of minutes. After some time you will see how the creature emerges from the lake at a certain distance. Already put, take a picture of it!

The Monkey is still Alive!

Just like Nessie, the same monkey from Grand Touring that debuted in previous installments is back. However, this one is even more hidden: you can only see it through the game’s photo mode.

For this reason, we have prepared a video with the exact location and a key piece of advice: look at the hollow tree that is just outside the longest tunnel in TrialMountain and, from there, fix the camera and point to the highest branches.

Hideo Kojima’s cousin?

Gran Turismo Tm 7 20220403210002
  • Where: Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit

Ok, maybe it’s not about Hideo Kojimabut the look and style of the highly detailed character with a very striking yellow shirt is too reminiscent of the famous creator of the Metal Gear Solid saga.

Gran Turismo Tm 7 20220403205855

Finding it, on the other hand, is a piece of cake: it’s located in the crowd and just on the right hand side near the finish line of Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, in Australia. With a little light and that shirt you will soon find it.

Bonus Phase: 007 in Her Majesty’s Service

Gran Turismo Tm 7 20220403210102

The Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 returned in 2020 to Grand Touring Sport as free post-launch content adding many changes and modifications specific to the occasion. However, there is a wink that does not go unnoticed: the number chosen and displayed on your door.

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A very unsubtle homage to a certain secret agent with a license to kill, considering the brand’s ties to the film saga.

The Alien Cow Kidnappers

Screenshot 7328
  • Where: Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit

Do you think there is life beyond Earth? On Grand Touring 7 We can confirm that there is. Lucky for us, it seems that they are only interested in the cows.

find the aliens in Grand Touring 7 It involves waiting several minutes in a very specific location, but the result does not leave you indifferent. For reference, just below, marked with an arrow, you can find the point on the map where you should wait.

Gran Turismo Tm 7 20220403203944

From there you have to have a little patience and good eyesight. As a reference, there is an electric pole that can help you locate your friend from outer space, although if you want something more like an encounter in the third phase you will have to take out your camera.

The launch and return of Space X

Screenshot 7327
  • Where: Daytona International Speedway

The iconic Tesla is not the only vehicle with which the well-known Elon Musk sneaks into Grand Touring 7: if we wait long enough we will see the release of a Falcon Heavy, Space X space launch vehicle at the Daytona Speedway.

Gran Turismo Tm 7 20220403202334

In order to capture the moment of its take-off, we must position ourselves on the long straight of the Trioval and pay attention to the sky. As in the previous cases, the camera and the repetition mode will be essential to be able to see the secret in detail. And not only that: if we wait long enough we will see how several rockets return to the surface.

The Entertainer, a very special Easter Egg

Pass through GT Carthe maintenance center Grand Touring 7, It is something that we will do with some frequency in the game: an oil change or a tune-up to our engine will be essential for our best cars to break their own records. That said: even there we can find a secret.

Although we do not know how often this happens, from time to time when we enter we will hear a very curious melody: a special version of The Entertainer, which was the main theme of the movie El Golpe. However, this is not the first time this song has appeared in the saga: it was already present in the GT Auto of Gran Turismo 5.

That’s Doc Brown!

Gran Turismo Tm 7 20220403203626
  • Where: US Sunday Cup 600

Do you consider yourself a fan of Back to the Future? You’re going to love this last secret: as you may have seen, among the cars for sale at Brand Central and Used Cars it’s possible to find a 2004 DeLorean S2. A modern version of the legendary car from the film saga.

Gran Turismo Tm 7 20220403203001

The curious thing here is that if we go to the event of the American Sunday Cup 600 we will see that there is a DeLorean competing and that, as a rule, it is in first place during the race.

Once we register, if we go through the list of drivers we will soon discover something very special: the name of the driver is none other than E. Brown. Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown himself! A pity that with the helmet we do not see those pints of mad scientist.