Alicia Vikander affirms that she has felt unprotected filming naked: “She should have been taken care of”

Alicia Vikander affirms that she has felt unprotected filming naked: “She should have been taken care of”

alice vikander She is an actress who took very little time to make her mark in Hollywood, where her career took off thanks to the remarkable ‘Ex Machina’. Since then we have seen her in films like ‘The Danish Girl’, for which she won an Oscar, ‘Tomb Raider’ or ‘The Green Knight’.

“It’s never easy”

The Swedish interpreter has had no qualms about starring in several nude scenes throughout and in a talk with Harper’s Bazaar he highlighted that it is never easy to make them:

The only thing that cannot be improvised is an intimate scene: you have to do a choreography and stick to it. It’s the worst thing to do in those scenes. I’m very comfortable with my body and I’ve done quite a few nudes and sex scenes, but it’s never easy.

Vikander also highlights in that interview how important the figure of the intimacy coordinator is, also pointing out that this figure should have existed long before. To influence it, he has no problem remembering an unpleasant experience you had during a shootalthough without specifying in which movie it happened:

Intimacy coordinators should have been around early in my career. I’ve been in situations that weren’t right, where I didn’t feel protected. There was a time when everyone was busy doing their thing and in between you have a person sitting there naked for a couple of hours. And someone is supposed to show up in a gown, and they don’t. It is later when the knowledge arrives that this was not right. It should have been taken care of.

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We will soon see Vikander in ‘Irma Vep’, an HBO television series in which Olivier Assayas adapts his homonymous film from 1996, leaving the question of whether or not it will finally go ahead with ‘Tomb Raider 2’.

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