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One of the simplest ways we have to make our home smart is to acquire one of the smart plugs that can be found at a very low price and that will allow us, among other things, to program the lights on and off in each of our rooms, whether we are at home or not.

One of the most successful smart plugs on Amazon is the Tenda SP3, and now it can be found with a juicy 60% discount, with which you can get a few units at more than half the price compared to before, so you can install one of these plugs in each of your rooms.

East Tenda SP3 smart Wi-Fi plug is only € 7.99 and is reduced from the previous € 19.99, with which those € 12 discount per unit that you will be able to purchase in a product that you will receive at home in just a few days are very remarkable.

This Tenda SP3 smart plug will allow us to remotely control all the rooms in our home wherever we are.

East Tenda SP3 smart plug at $ 7.99 at Amazon It will allow us to remotely control all the rooms in our home wherever we are, thanks to the dedicated application that is capable of managing our home.

On the other hand, it also supports voice control by making use of both Google Assistant like Alexa so we can operate each of our electronic devices from anywhere we are.

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It is extremely interesting away mode, because if we go on vacation now, we can program it so that the devices connected to the plug are turned off or on at certain times, to prevent thieves from approaching thinking that there are people in the home.

In addition, it has an interesting Power saving mode Thanks to the timer function that will allow turning off these devices at a certain time, in case we fall asleep watching television, we wake up with the lights completely off.

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