Aldi competes with Lidl and Thermomix by launching the MultiCooker Touch kitchen robot with very low WiFi

Aldi competes with Lidl and Thermomix by launching the MultiCooker Touch kitchen robot with very low WiFi

While we continue to wait for Lidl to return to the fray with a replacement for its Monsieur Cuisine, retired from Spain after his confrontation with Thermomix, it is another German giant that is fully entering the battle of kitchen robots. Aldi will sell the MultiCooker Touch from October 2 in all its stores for only 279 euros, yes, for a very limited time.

Actually it is not an exclusive robot of the chain Germana nor is it being launched now for the first time on the market, as it is one of the star products of the MasterPro line of the Bergner Group company, which has been on sale for months on other platforms such as Amazon. What is new is the launch in the more than 340 physical stores of the multinational and the attractive price, taking into account all the benefits it offers.

Masterpro Multicooker Touch Black Kitchen Robot 1000 W – Masterpro

MultiCooker Touch food processor

In a design that inevitably recalls that of Monsieur Cuisine from Lidl or the Spanish ChefBot from Ikohs, the MultiCooker Touch is a complete multifunction robot equipped with a good range of the usual accessories as well as WiFi connectivity and a comfortable five-inch full-color touchscreen, which facilitates its handling.


Said screen and access to a complete online recipe book through the specific app, plus the recipes and nine automatic programs With which it has a robot, it allows you to prepare an infinite number of dishes easily by following the guided instructions that the robot itself shows, a system already devised by Thermomix years ago.

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It has 1000W of power, a 3.5-liter total capacity stainless jug with integrated scale, 12 speeds plus turbo and an adjustable temperature range between 37 and 120ºC. What’s more includes ten accessoriessuch as the two-tier steamer basket, hand spatula, stainless steel blades or stirring paddle.

MasterPro’s MultiCooker Touch robot will be on sale in Aldi physical stores from October 2, along with other utensils and small kitchen appliances of the same brand. We do not know the exact number of units that are going to be launched, but the company already warns that it is a limited offer and we would not be surprised if it was sold out in a short time, taking into account previous cases.

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