Alan Wake Remastered was announced not long ago by Remedy Entertainment, getting to have its hole during the last PlayStation Showcase, and soon we will be able to enjoy it on consoles of PlayStation, Xbox and, of course, PC. These platforms could be joined by another one, since the Remedy game remaster could also have its version on Nintendo Switch.

This alleged leak is due to the fact that a Brazilian rating system would have revealed the existence of Alan Wake Remastered’s release for SwitchEven so, we should take this information with caution, for now. To tell the truth, these types of systems have already leaked other releases in the past, so it does not seem too far-fetched to us.

Alan Wake Remastered, first images

Although, the reality is that it sounds very strange that, a few weeks after the release of the remaster, its departure has not yet been confirmed in Nintendo switch, as if it has been done on the rest of the platforms. Perhaps, the absence of a possible confirmation, has some kind of explanation.

If that’s true, why hasn’t the Switch version of Alan Wake Remastered been announced yet?

The lack of information regarding the departure of Alan Wake Remastered In the hybrid of Nintendo, it could be due, as they point from Gamerant, to what the title would come to the cloud game version of Nintendo Switch. This would not be very strange considering that several games have come that way to Switch, since, compared to other systems on the market, the console of the Japanese company is less powerful. But boy, everything is still guesswork and little else.

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To tell the truth yeah Nintendo the announcement of the arrival of Alan Wake Remastered a Switch, in the Direct that will take place tonight, will begin at 00: 00h and it will last a few 40 minutes, it would be the perfect occasion to announce it. In fact, Samus hunter, a well-known Twitter user dedicated to Nintendo, posted not long ago a list of possible games that could be announced in the Nintendo Direct. In this list, one of the titles that appears is that of Alan Wake RemasteredEven so, the person in charge of the list, SamusHunter, has already warned that it is not a leak that we have to take at face value. We will have to be patient, and see what Nintendo offers us today at its event.

Alan Wake Remastered is coming October 5 to PlayStation, Xbox and PC

What we can say will happen, yes or yes, is the arrival of Alan Wake Remastered to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC on October 5.