Akira Toriyama Reveals Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Spoilers

Akira Toriyama Reveals Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Spoilers

We’re less than two months away from that movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero premieres in Mexico and Latin America next August 18ththat is, two months after two months after its release in Japan, and its creator Akira Toriyama reveals massive spoilers for the next chapter of the Z-Fighters.

Now, while there are still a number of questions surrounding the film’s story, spoilers have been circulating on social media thanks to the Japanese release, but this official art from the creator of Dragon Ball confirms a major return and gives us one looks at a character’s most recent transformation.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!—–>>>
If you want to avoid all the spoilers about the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, stay away from the rest of this note, as you could find out some details within the film ahead of time.

You see, it all started when the Outlet DBS Chronicles twitter account shared the new promotional art that will be delivered to fans and moviegoers who venture to go to movie theaters to see Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, with the art of Akira Toriyama showing Piccolo’s newer form, as well as confirming that a very different version of Cell, known as “Ultimate Weapon”will appear in the next movie:

So even though the return of Cell Dragon Ball Super was debated among fans of the shonen series for quite some time when it was revealed that the new movie would see the return of the Red Patrol Army, and while this appears to be a very different take on the biological nightmare created by the Dr. Gero, it’s hard to argue that this is Cell, albeit with a new form that looks much more like his second form.

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In addition, the most recent transformation of Piccolo makes the Namekian look very different from even his appearance “Piccolo Smooth” he has appeared in various trailers and marketing material for the film.

So while this new movie hasn’t been given an official name, the transformation appears to have changed his skin color while also putting a few pounds of weight on the Namekian, so needless to say, it’s going to be interesting. see how powerful the Green-skinned Warrior will become as a result of this new transformation.