Akira Toriyama Explains Piccolo’s New Design

Akira Toriyama Explains Piccolo’s New Design

Now what Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero makes its way into theaters in Japan, and will arrive in Mexico and Latin America in just over a month, its creator has spoken about the surprising path he took to create the new form of Piccolo for the film, since although in the promotional they had been slow to reveal some of the film’s most important moments, now that a month has passed since its official release in Japan, Toei Animation has started to reveal all the most important scenes bit by bit to get the latest wave of fans into the theaters.

So, within the novelties and major attractions of the film, it turned out to be a new form for Piccolo, which fans define as a great transformation, because during the climactic end of the film in general, this is a powerful revelation, especially this, Akira Toriyamarevealed how he had some trouble visualizing the character’s new transformation and a bit about his process:

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!——->>>>
If you have not yet seen this new transformation of Piccolo, you should consider reading this note another time, with spoiler content for the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

“Since he doesn’t have hair to make it straight, I tried to make him really muscular”Toriyama explained as he went through the process of creating Orange Piccolo for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. as to why Piccolo ended up orange, Toriyama revealed that it was because it was too hard to tell at first that he had transformed.

“But I thought it would be a little hard to tell that it had transformed, so I made it orange as well, although there will probably still be times when it’s hard to tell the difference between this and its normal form.”

On this, Toriyama then reflected on the transformation itself, but is ultimately happy that this is what brings Piccolo to the level of Goku and the other fighters: “Maybe I should have made it a little more exaggerated, but personally I’m happy that he finally got battle power on par with Goku and company. Doesn’t the name ‘Orange Piccolo’ sound like something he came up with? Since Piccolo isn’t good at naming things.