AirPods can be used to measure users’ breathing

AirPods can be used to measure users’ breathing

The fact that Apple focuses on health issues is not surprising. A few years ago we saw the appearance of an official application dedicated to these issues on the iPhone, which came accompanied by the Apple Watch, the firm’s smart watch that focuses precisely on health and sports. And since then, year after year we have seen innovations by the firm in this regard, which allow athletes to get even more out of their products.

In this sense, back in May, analysts pointed to some AirPods focused on sports for the next 2022, and it seems that, apart from possible changes at the design level, from Apple are working on functions related to motion detection, as revealed by new internal documents.

Apple prepares AirPods capable of measuring the respiratory rate of users

As we mentioned, as shared the MyHealthyApple portal it seems that Apple could be working on a new technology based on artificial intelligence and in the Machine learning, just like the company itself has shared in a statement through one of its developer-centric portals.

In it, he explains how a kind of artificial intelligence could be used to, through wireless headphones, to be able to follow the respiratory rate of any user, giving more details about the information that Apple itself leaked a long time ago regarding the new AirPods. In this way, by being connected to the iPhone, it is possible to keep track of the sport performed in a much easier way, being able to control the breathing rhythms. What’s more, it could even help you relax in times of stress.

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For the moment, The truth is that little is known about Apple’s intentions in this regard. However, the fact that there is talk during the full report of wireless headphones suggests that it could be related to the launch of the new AirPods, which could incorporate these types of health-related functions. Also, combined with devices like the iPhone or the Apple Watch they could be a perfect mix.