Today we bring you one of those curious news that have surprised us in equal parts within the world of perfumery. And is that the company Air Company has created the world’s first perfume made with air. Yes, yes, with air, thanks to a proprietary process capable of transform the CO2 in the atmosphere into alcohols free of impurities.

The fundamental idea of ​​the company is to help reduce the carbon footprint and climate change by creating products like this unisex fragrance, without gender that it has launched in limited edition.

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In this way with the name of ‘Air Eau de Parfum‘we found the first perfume in the world made in this way and with a scent that looks great as it has an outgoing scent of Orange peel, a heart of jasmine, violet, azalea and fresh water and a background of powdered musk and tobacco.

As for the creation, as they point out from the company, the carbon dioxide (CO2) they use is captured at a point of origin, they create hydrogen at the site that your carbon conversion reactor is fed along with the CO2, where a patented reaction takes place, transforming hydrogen and CO2 into ethanol, methanol and water free of impurities. In this way, the three alcohols distill each other and then they manually mix the ethanol and water to add the fragrance and create Air Eau de Parfum.

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But it is also that this perfume launches with three variations of plugs– Straight out a capless one for an even lighter environmental footprint, a high-gloss chrome cap, and a satin-finish white cap now available to pre-order in the United States and will ship in early 2022 priced at $ 220.

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Undoubtedly, one of those news that does not leave us indifferent and that shows that there are other ways to create more environmentally friendly cosmetics and proof of this is this new perfume.

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