Agency launches controversial vacancy and AMLO scholarship holders pay consequence

Agency launches controversial vacancy and AMLO scholarship holders pay consequence

AMLO’s flagship program, “Youth Building the Future”has been marked by controversy in the last two years, with complaints against companies by students and the federal authorities themselves for misusing the money intended for scholarship holders, where young people find some misleading vacancy or are violated at work by their employers.

The social plan of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador provides 5 thousand 172 pesos per month and access to social security in the IMSS to citizens between 18 and 29 years old who seek training in various economic sectors to later enter the labor market. This, given that each year about 2.5 million young people finish school with little chance of finding work, at least in activities related to their professional field.

In fact, data from the National Survey of Graduates 2021 (ENE) indicate that 43 percent of university graduates in the country obtained a salary of between 3,000 and 8,000 pesos per month in their first job, amounts 3 percent lower than those registered in 2020. 44.9 percent of graduates said they had lacked benefits and trust in a promising future.

However, although the program is regulated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), some of the more than 361 thousand registered work centers misuse resources funds disbursed by the Government and the needs of young people, students or not.

AMLO scholarship holders open controversy: enslaving vacancy and mistreatment in “Youth Building the Future”

Apart from the cessation of public resources, the federal amounts and the type of diffusion that is made to AMLO’s flagship program, “Young People Building the Future” has sparked several controversies in recent weeks, although more than the social program it is because of the companies registered as “tutors” of the Mexicans in training.

In the first case, a Twitter user named Cesar Leon showed the Vacancy published by a “Development Consulting” of Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico, where they listed the multiple tasks assigned to one of the fellows in the program.

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The problem is not all the ways of learning and opportunities that young people can exploit, since the debate on social networks was encompassed in the way in which the agency seeks to train the candidate in many work areas that could well cover an entire position, which, with the support of the program paid by the Government, they save on salary.

You are right, it is better that they are not given the opportunity to have experience and thus when they look for a formal job they do not find it due to lack of it“, @tadei

“There is something called dignity, and if I understand the experience, but this type of work profits from the need, abuse labor rights, since if you are in the program, with that they have to not give you any benefit and rights, throw coconut is free “, @cesleonmx

The level of the activities to be carried out corresponds to a professional with experience and the remuneration is not consistent. In addition, the same description of activities indicates that everything has to be done by the ‘intern’, there is no support from another senior professional”, @DanielMacS04

Another controversy arose a few weeks ago, when a young man denounced on social networks how he suffered labor exploitation in a business dedicated to sewing and tailoring, in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

In accordance with Mark Mreceived abuse from his assigned tutor, who insulted him and forced to work different hours; however, despite the fact that he tried to report her and even recorded a video to expose how he refuses to respect the guidelines of the “Young People Building the Future” program, the young man missed training and was discharged.

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