Advertiser reveals reality of content creation

Advertiser reveals reality of content creation

  • The magic happens when relevant content is developed, personalized and distributed by appropriate means.

  • However, advertisers’ clients consider content creation to be an easy task and give immediate results, and the reality is that it doesn’t.

Through LinkedIn, Maggie Rojano, Publicist for the College of Marketing and Communication of Catalonia, revealed the reality of content creation for clients who believe that the branch of digital marketing It can be done in a simple, easy, immediate way and it is full of tricks to go “viral”.

Access to new technologies and the increase in internet penetration are forcing professionals in the marketing to make digital communication strategies essential, as they run the risk of failing to win over the new generations.

One of the most recurring tasks marketing digital is the creation of digital content, “whether for campaigns, social networks, content marketing or even for public relations”says another.

Although social networks and the increase in connectivity make us think that the speed of information is similar to the creation of content, the reality is not like that.

Advertisers put great creativity and innovation so that content captures the attention of the target audience: they analyze the formats, media and behaviors with the aim of gaining attention and that the strategy of content marketing bear fruit.

Currently, it is sought that brands no longer follow consumers, but that the consumer approaches them. Magic happens when relevant content is developeddepending on your needs, personalized and distributed by the appropriate means.

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According to the Semrush 2020 survey, cited by Human Connections Media, 84 percent of respondents do content marketing; however, it is important to clarify that building a good strategy is not easy and it is impossible without doing it without data.

Therefore, Maggie Rojano recommended inform clients about the reality of content creation to avoid “disappointed faces”.

Reality of content creation by advertiser; a guide to avoid “disappointed faces” in customers

According to the publicist, the first thing to ask the client is the following: Is there a budget and time to invest in creation and communication actions?

If there is availability and if the client does not have a database or a community, it is necessary to create a content strategy.

“To make people start looking in that direction and feel interested in what they want to sell,” the publicist pointed out.

However, in seeking and building a community, advertisers face disappointment from customers when they realize how time-consuming and resource-intensive building can be.

As an example, Rojano pointed out that a chapter of podcast may require all of the following list of work: think and decide on the idearesearchwrite a script, record it, set, take, edit, broadcast the content and attend to the engagement, be they comments, doubts, emails, etc.

In that sense, “the reality of content creation (is) covered by advertising messages of immediacy and tricks to go viral”, assured the publicist.

Transparency in the relationship marketers with clients is the first step to demonstrate the existence of values ​​and the effort that is put into creating quality content to achieve the proposed goals and above all to establish lasting relationships with consumers.

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