Advent Calendar Returns to Dead by Daylight with Daily Rewards

Advent Calendar Returns to Dead by Daylight with Daily Rewards

The Christmas season is here and many video games celebrate it in style with gifts for all users. Dead by daylight could not be left behind and Behavior Interactive has rescued a nice proposal that it already launched last year. And now the advent calendar returns to Dead by Daylight with daily rewards, especially large and interesting on the most important dates. Below you can see the tweet from the game’s official account that specifies what is offered each day for those faithful who have the desire to log in every day for the next month in this popular horror title.

As you can see, the rewards include blood points, Rift points and iridescent shards, which can be used to buy perks, more blood points, skins or even characters. If you get all the gifts (which started yesterday, December 1) you will get a total of one million blood points, 60 Rift points (which equates to six full levels to advance through the current Rift) and 4,500 iridescent shards, half of what is necessary to acquire an original character through the store using this free payment method.

Dead by Daylight, free on the Epic Games Store

The Advent calendar began yesterday, December 1, and It will end on January 5, just before Three Kings Day. Thus, we have more than a month ahead in which we recommend daily access to Dead by Daylight if you are a regular player to get all these rewards without any effort or challenge to overcome. All this a few dates after the start of the christmas event by Dead by Daylight.

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