Advance of the Polestar 5, the sports sedan that puts the Porsche Taycan in danger

Advance of the Polestar 5, the sports sedan that puts the Porsche Taycan in danger

The rival of the Porsche Taycan is getting closer and closer. The Swedish brand has already started the development of the new Polestar 5, the luxury and sports sedan that will arrive in just a year and a half, a very ambitious commitment that adds to the electric car offer for 2024. This advance faithfully reproduces the design of a serious tech-laden rival.

Polestar is working flat out to increase its range of electric cars. The Swedish brand has already presented the next launches that will expand its catalog, until now only limited to the Polestar 2. And like this, one of the most ambitious bets it has in hand is that of the polestar 5a sports sedan that will arrive on the market in 2024.

The future model, which has already been seen in tests, will be the icing on the Polestar range, a model that is five meters long and will have important rivals in front of it: Audi etron GT, BMW i7, mercedes eqs Y porsche taycan. Four authentic references that will be beaten with serious arguments. You can see the first in this recreationthe most faithful you will find, based on the filtering of the registered patents and that differ slightly from the Concept Precept. The future Polestar 5 will feature a liftback silhouettevery sporty and with a roof line that drops to a truly innovative rear.

The rear of the future Polestar 5 promises an avant-garde and highly innovative design

The keys to the Polestar 5, an electric sedan with weapons to take

The brand has largely respected the anticipated design of the concept car, which is why it has been forced to make some modifications, such as the front lighting system. Headlights extend in an ‘L’ shape over the hood panel with a thin LED light band and another towards the front beam where the crossing and highway functions are found, going more unnoticed. Quite the opposite of the rear light clusters, arranged in a boomerang shape occupying the width of the rear and running vertically through the ends.

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Polestar’s flagship will offer ample space for four passengers, in a very sporty interior layout of 2+2 seats, although you can optionally have five seats. For now, the interior is a real mystery, but minimalism will be a real hallmark in a dashboard in which digitization and connectivity They will be password.

The Polestar 5 is based on a specific platform for this model, capable of handling high loads and forces. The manufacturer has developed two powerful engines that will be housed, one on each axle, with high power figures reaching up to maximum 880 hp, far surpassing its immediate rivals. Those of Polestar will offer different battery capacities, offering great autonomy –more than 100 kWh and more than 600 kilometers– and rechargeable in just under 10 minutes up to 80% thanks to a 800 V charging system. A true beast that will be one of the most feared rivals of the Germans and British.