Home Lifestyle Home Decor acts as an open wardrobe and fits even in small houses

acts as an open wardrobe and fits even in small houses

acts as an open wardrobe and fits even in small houses

we love them practical, multifunctional and beautiful furniture. Furniture that helps us to have the house in perfect condition even without resorting to the expert gurus in order, and that adapts to the different needs that arise in a house, as is the case of the stool that transforms into a bed.

Today we bring you a side cabinet from Ikea that we liked for its design, for its versatility and because it will help us to have a tidier house: a closet coat rack and that is ideal to put in the hall, in the bedroom or in the dressing room.

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The Idanäs vertical storage solution has simple and timeless lines and can be anything you want. Open wardrobe, half donkey, coat rack… It all depends on where you want to place it, and what use you want to give it. In the hall it will serve as a coat rack and auxiliary furniture to leave coats, jackets, hats, bags and shoes.

In the bedroom it will serve to leave the clothes you just took off, or the ones you will wear tomorrow, or even to leave the pillows on the bed at night. In the dressing room, it is a piece that will be added to the rest of the furniture to increase storage capacity.

Idanas Open Wardrobe White

On an aesthetic level, we liked the bar located at the top to hang clothes from the front. In this way, a much more striking effect is achieved by making the garments face each other, and not from side to side.

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It has a small bar (but high up) to hang from jackets to dresses. In addition, instead of being placed from side to side, this bar is from the front of the cabinet to the back, making the clothes look at us from the front and giving the whole a more collected appearance.

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Idanas Open Wardrobe White

Another point of interest that makes this piece of furniture even more functional is that in the lower part it has a drawer located under an adjustable shelf that can be placed as a lid, or placed higher up to leave the drawer open and gain some space. .

The open wardrobe is available in two colours, white and dark brown, and measures 51 centimeters wide by 59 centimeters deep, with a height of 211 cm. Its price? 169 euros.

Idanäs, open closet

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