Now what resident Evil was back in the conversation thanks to the new film adaptation hitting theaters and Resident Evil Village is nominated in several categories of the Game Awards 2021, including Game of the Year, this is a good time to talk about the future of the sagaWell, let’s remember that at some point Capcom confirmed that their intention was for the series to have a release every year.

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One of the most persistent rumors surrounding this strategy has to do with that there will be remake of Resident Evil 4, which for many is the most influential title within the third-person action genre of the last 20 years.

To pay for the idea that the next remake of the saga will be that of Resident Evil 4, reports emerged that voice actor DC Douglas shared with his followers an official art focused on design that Albert wesker will show off in said game.

The publications in networks that account for this situation refer to Capcom providing the art to Douglas, who in a live stream admitted that will give voice to Wesker in the portion Separate Ways of the game.

Douglas, who has voiced Wesker in multiple installments of the franchise since Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, went to his fanpage From Facebook to say that he hasn’t made any announcements and that he has no contract with Capcom at the moment.

I will not comment on anything around any Resident Evil 4 rumors, because I have two cats that really need my attention. I’m waiting for news about RE4 just like you ”, wrote.

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In this regard, Eurogamer I ask to Capcom if Douglas is involved in a company project and the company replied that it does not comment on rumors or speculation.