The Council of Ministers of Agriculture of the European Union yesterday gave its approval to the conclusions of the Action Plan for organic production, which states that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will be fully mobilized to support its application throughout the EU territory. during the period 2021-2027.

As approved, financial support for organic farming will continue to be provided through rural development commitments, with an additional stream of funding available through organic plans, and will also include technical assistance and the exchange of best practices and innovations in organic farming and farm advisory services will be strengthened.

Support for organic production

In this sense, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, announced on Monday the development of a specific roadmap for organic production, which will include measures to promote both the cultivation and consumption of this type of food, in in line with the conclusions of this Action Plan approved in Brussels, detailing that, as stated in the European strategy From Farm to Table, the objective of the roadmap will be to reach 25% of the useful agricultural area destined for production ecological.

Spain starts from a good starting situation, since it is the European country that has the largest ecological area, to which it already dedicates 10% of the country’s total useful agricultural area, with significant growth potential in sectors such as olive groves. , the vineyard, citrus fruits or fruits and vegetables, among others, a type of production that offers greater value and better remuneration to producers.

However, the minister has pointed out that it is necessary to generate greater demand for consumption of organic products among citizens, opting for awareness campaigns that make known the importance and benefits of this type of production in terms of biodiversity, footprint of carbon and social and environmental sustainability, and betting that the public administrations encourage consumption in schools and in collective catering.