The World Health Organization Define accidents as chance event, generally harmful, independent of human will, caused by an external force that acts quickly and is manifested by the appearance of organic lesions. Which means that it is a situation that occurs suddenly, that causes injuries and is highly preventable.

The vast majority of accidents at home are preventable with actions as small as
not minimize the age and intelligence of our child, do not store dangerous liquids in
eye-catching or commonly used containers for its intake, leave objects out of reach
sharp, close the gas stopcock, place the electricity payers at a height
that the little one does not reach it, etc.

Let us remember that children are in the process of learning, of exploring their environment and the
great majority in its oral phase, so everything they find will try to take it to the mouth.

The younger a child is, the more frequent falls, burns to the mouth,
burns to hands by electric cable, drowning by submersion, amputation of
a finger or choking; As the child advances in age, when he begins to walk, the risk of suffer other types of injuries such as the ingestion of foreign bodies (coins, toys little ones)falls of various kinds, boiling water burns, caustic esophageal burns.

As I always tell the moms of my patients, Better safe than sorryY
it is preferable to be told that we are exaggerating than to be with a patient in the
emergency room, or even worse in a wake room.

If unfortunately accidents happen, always go to a center
specialized, do not try to give anything taken to “counteract” the effect or provoke the threw up, since in cases such as the ingestion of caustics it is counterproductive. Get rid of the fear that they are going to take away the custody of the minor, indeed the cause of the minor will be investigated, but upon reaching the conclusion that it was an accident, it will not happen to majors.

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And remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Estela del Sagrario Velázquez Gutiérrez is a Certified Pediatrician, with training as a General Practitioner at the University of Guadalajara and as a Pediatrician at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.

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