Accessories to keep order in our bathroom taking advantage of the sales

Accessories to keep order in our bathroom taking advantage of the sales

Keeping the house tidy is an art (In addition to being quite complicated at times), why are we going to fool ourselves. Especially since each room has its own characteristics and different needs. It is not the same to order the bedroom (where we usually store clothes, souvenirs, accessories …) than the kitchen (with its gadgets, food…).

And much less the bath, that although it is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, it is also one in which we keep the most things: that if makeup, cleaning products, gels and shampoos, towels … The list can become endless.

Today, taking advantage of the sales, we are going to review some accessories that can help us maintain that order that we seek so much in the bathroom:

Carts are a good idea


A mobile trolley with wheelsIn both large and small bathrooms (if we have enough space), it can become our best friend. Since they not only help us to order our products and gadgets of beauty, but we can also use them as cabinets to store towels.

The key is to choose a model that fits the space we have and that is why we have taken our eye on this model from Songmics. Narrower than usual (40x13x86) to take in any bathroom. Its price is 28.99 euros 27.99 euros, 25.19 euros since a coupon of 10% is active.

Bathroom trolley

Organizer baskets

Organizing Baskets

The baskets allow us a much more visual organization, since with a single glance we can see everything we have. Which means a considerable saving of time and effort in looking for things. We can also put them anywhere and if at any time they stop being useful in our bathroom, take them to a room.

This braided paper model will also allow us to give an extra naturalness to the decoration of our bathroom. Includes two units in two different sizes: 16 x 16 x 11 cm and 20 x 20 x 13 cm. 13.96 euros 13.59 euros.

Storage baskets

Makeup organizers

Makeup Organizer

Whether you or your partner (or both) have all the makeup products scattered in the bathroom or in many different toiletry bags, an organizer can come in handy in the bathroom. Especially if like this one it is transparent, since it will allow us know where everything is no need to go through the drawers.

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This particular model has four different compartments, to store from our makeup products to our hair accessories. Its measurements are 11.5 x 17.5 x 11.5 cm, so we can easily store it on any shelf. 17.99 euros 15.29 euros.

Makeup organizer

Makeup organizer

Mirrors with shelves

Mirror Shelves

If you still don’t have a mirror in your bathroom or you just want to renovate yours, a trick is to get one that has shelves. Since so not only we will gain space but we will be able to organize our things much better.

In addition, since it is not a mirror-closet as we are used to seeing, we will have everything much closer to hand. This 60 x 10 x 48 cm is our signing in the sales. Since in addition to being practical, it is beautiful (and very easy to assemble). 44.99 euros 35.99 euros.

Mirror with shelves

The shelves are our friends

Bathroom Shower Shelf

The shelves or shelves allow us to make the most of the wall space in our bathrooms, something that especially the smaller bathrooms are great. We can combine them on top of each other to visually create a larger piece of furniture.

We have found these industry stylel, designed in stainless steel that do not need a drill to mount. And that we like especially because they are valid both for the shower and for the rest of the walls. 27.99 euros 26.59 euros.

Bathroom shelf

Nooks in the shower


If you are one of those who uses different shampoos and gels in the shower or bath and always has them scattered around, the shelves can be one of our great solutions. Since they will allow us always have them on hand when we need them.

We have found these corner type, made of aluminum and with a matte finish, which we like because they are also available in white and black, perfect to combine. In addition to by do not need a drill to install them. 22,98 euros 16.40 euros.

Self-adhesive shelves

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