Teaching platforms on-line They have opened a world of possibilities to anyone who wants to train in practically any field, professional or amateur. The kitchen was not going to be left behind, as we have seen with projects such as Scoolinary, whose proposal accelerated with the pandemic. But in Italy it has been succeeding for a long time Acadèmia.TV, the Italian audiovisual platform of virtual classes that has just landed in Spain.

Acadèmia was born as the pioneering international entertainment platform in 100% digital teaching and learning aimed exclusively at cooking through virtual classes. From the hand of recognized professionals in the gastronomic world, the user can access the courses that interest him the most depending on your level or specific needs, obtaining at the end of each one a certificate that is only obtained once the pertinent tests have been passed.

In Italy Acadèmia.TV already has more than 20,000 subscribers and a catalog of courses that is increasing, and which has recently begun its journey in Spain with several well-known faces among its teachers. Thus, Spaniards can sign up for courses taught by chefs of the stature of Dani García, Pepa Muñoz, Quique Dacosta, Begoña Rodrigo or Mario Sandoval, as well as professionals from other fields related to gastronomy such as Marta Verona (nutritionist and winner of MasterChef 6).

Currently there are twelve “teachers” who are part of the teaching staff of the platform, with the Italian Davide Civitiello, an expert baker, as the latest addition. Among the available courses we already find a fairly varied subject and for all levels, from specific specialties such as mastering carbonara to training in haute pastry or healthy cooking, with lessons that include both general theory and techniques and recipes specific.

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Anyone interested can sign up for the course or courses that interest them by paying the amount, which varies according to each degree. Once access has been obtained, the mechanism is basically the same as in any other platform. e-learning, being able freely access content, lesson by lesson, to gradually go through the various mastery tests.

We can preview content overview of each course to find out more details about the teacher, the number of lessons and their contents, as well as the approximate number of hours that must be invested in completing it. Once all the tests have been passed, a certificate official. The courses can also be purchased as a gift.

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