Abandoned, the most mysterious game in recent months, prepares news

Abandoned, the most mysterious game in recent months, prepares news

Abandoned and all the history behind it is one of the most mysterious and murky topics in the video game industry.

One of the most media moments of this past summer has been seeing the trajectory of Abandoned, the title of Blue Box Game Studios that has given a lot to talk about what is hidden behind this mysterious title, of which it has been said that It could be a new Silent Hill or a scam from a studio with a nefarious reputation.

Be that as it may, and despite the fact that it has already lost its impact compared to recent months, the truth is that development of Abandoned appears to be still in progress, thus giving rise to the promise of future news through the study’s own website, which looks like he’s gearing up for big changes, since it has been anticipated that it will undergo an update and at the same time some of the doubts that the title has generated for users have been answered.

A blog will be the source of news from Abandoned

All of the above said, This website will apparently redirect us to a blog of the title in which the details about Abandoned and its development status will be given, although we will still have to wait an indeterminate time for it to be active. On the other hand, emphasis has been placed on a series of questions and answers, which already begin by saying that Abandoned is not yet ready to perform publicly, in the same way that we will not have updates in the Realtime Experience application of PlayStation 5.

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On the other hand, the rest of the questions focus on answering previously known information, which should not be surprising, since the game is still planned for release in 2022, as well as what It will do it in physical and digital format. However, it should be noted that for the moment these are still empty promises, since Blue Box Game Studios has done nothing but stall to date.

It should be noted that to date the doubts about Abandoned do not leave the study in charge of the development in a very good place, since, far from reassuring the fans, the previous projects that they have carried out have not brought with them good feelings, since all have been canceled or deficient projects that have raised suspicions that scams are being committed from Blue Box Game Studios. It remains to be seen if Abandoned ends up being the first outbreak or a new pantomime.

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