Roblox Corporation, the company behind the famous game that allows the creation of virtual worlds, has sued a youtuber to post false terrorist threats and disrupt the normal development of its last in-person Developer Conference in San Francisco, California.

The defendant is Benjamin Robert Simon, known online as Ruben Sim. According to the lawsuit, he has a long history of illegal acts “thought to harm Roblox and its community.” It has allegedly harassed a large number of users and directed racist and homophobic slurs Against them.

Roblox has banned youtuber repeatedly. However, it has found a way to return to the platform over and over again using accounts created by other people. The latest ban occurred when he attempted to upload a nearly nude photo of himself, images of Adolf Hitler, and a “sex game.”

Roblox’s lawyers point out that this behavior is not unique to its gaming platform. Ruben Sim, like youtuber, publishes part of the aforementioned content on their YouTube channels and on Patreon. Through these platforms he would also get a source of income.

The youtuber would have to pay 1.6 million to Roblox

Credit: Roblox

Last October, at the 2021 Roblox Developer Conference, Simon was back in the game. According to the demand seen by Polygon, he and his followers released comments related to the 2018 YouTube headquarters shooting. youtuber posted a message on Twitter suggesting that the San Francisco Police were looking for a extremist in place.

Local security authorities forced a temporary shutdown of the event. Both the San Francisco Police and private security carried out an operation to secure the facility. This incident, according to the company, cost about $ 50,000. However, in the lawsuit they seek compensation of $ 1.6 million in damages, that he youtuber you may be required to pay, in addition to taking criminal charges.

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Roblox is a growing gaming platform. It integrates thousands of games created by users and has the Robux virtual currency to get options premium. With an average of more than 32 million daily active users —Mainly boys and girls — the company is increasing its efforts to improve restraint.