It’s been a few months since the AirTags were officially presented. Apple’s location devices have joined the ecosystem, and thanks to them, we can have our precious objects always on the map. And in this time, there has been no lack of those who have decided to test labels to their limits.

AirTag on a keychain

The key function of AirTags is their integration into the Search network. For those who do not know it, it is about the network formed between all compatible Apple devices with Search. In other words, a network made up of millions of devices around the world. This allows AirTags to be detected even without being close to them.

Tags constantly send out a signal that is picked up by nearby Apple devices, while sharing anonymously the location of these. Based on this, a youtuber decided to put them to the test by sending them to different parts of the world. North Korea, Elon Musk’s office, and Tim Cook’s office.

In the first two cases, the AirTags simply disappeared, or ended up in recycling plants. But nevertheless, the third yes it reached its destination, though not at the hands of Tim Cook. One of the Apple CEO’s assistants sent the label back to Germany with a letter (which curiously has rounded corners).

The letter is little more than an apology for not being able to attend that kind of correspondence, and in which the creativity of the clients to do tests like that is appreciated. Of course, it would have been great to see a response from Tim Cook himself, especially knowing it would go viral. But it seems that there has been such luck. The good news is, you’ve got that AirTag back.

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