The “drifting»Is probably the biggest problem faced by the Nintendo switch since its launch. It doesn’t matter which version of the console Let’s talk, be it the Nintendo Switch of a lifetime, the Nintendo Switch Lite and even the Nintendo Switch OLED, since the latter will use the same Joy-Con controllers.

This problem ** has led many to avoid the consolewhile others have to settle for play as much as possible with the drifting, or shell out a considerable sum to buy new Joy-Con or, in the case of Switch lite, in taking ** the entire console to repair. But do not fear, that today comes to us a new trick.

Fixing the Joy-Con’s “drift” using a piece of cardboard

The trick was uploaded by the youtuber VK’S Channel, who in a video of just 10 minutes shows us how we can solve the drifting so “permanent«, According to account in the title of the video. What do we need for this? Just a piece of cardboard, and we are done. Here we leave you the video so you can see the step by step!

Somehow, the youtuber discovered that a good way to end the drift is by applying permanent pressure to the area surrounding the stick of the Joy-con. According to the video from minute 5:55, the solution will be to open the Joy-con and, put a 1mm piece of cardboard approximately below the metal stick protector.

VK’s Channel explains that the reason for drifting is that, as time goes by, this metallic protector starts to separate, making the stick lose connection with contacts of the card. Thanks to the piece of cardboard we can keep you in touch without resorting to more technical measures.

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This solution may not look too professional, but as long as it lasts and we don’t have to keep spending money to repair something that Nintendo it should have been solved many years ago, well good for us. The video of VK’s Channel is quite easy to follow, and the requirements to carry out the operation are not demanding. If you have any Joy-Con playing drifting, Now know what to do!

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