a writer reveals who his scariest villain is (it’s not the Joker)

a writer reveals who his scariest villain is (it’s not the Joker)

When we talk about Batman, a set of characters may come to mind, mostly villains, which we quickly associate with the Gotham City vigilante. Of course, there is always one that stands out above the rest: joker. Much of the audience considers him to be the main antagonist of Batman, however, for some DC Comics writers there is an enemy even more feared by Batman.

Tom Kinga widely recognized comic book writer in the world of superheroes, said that Enigma (Riddle in Latin America) is the villain Batman fears the most. In fact, DC is about to publish a series of comics titled Batman: One Bad Dayin which they intend to delve into the stories of different antagonists and their rivalry with Batman.

One of his numbers is precisely Batman: One Bad Day – The Riddle, which is the responsibility of the aforementioned Tom King and illustrator Mitch Gerads. The goal of both is to explain why Riddler is Batman’s biggest headache.

“This is a graphic novel where Mitch Gerads and I go very deep into what makes Riddler Batman’s most terrifying villain.”

Although we still do not have the opportunity to read it, from now on we can intuit some arguments that both creatives will present.

In Batman comics, movies, and video games, Enigma represents a true intellectual challenge for Bruce Wayne. Unlike other enemies who base their abilities on physical strength, technology or firepower, Enigma has his brain as his main ally. And this has been enough to put Batman in multiple binds. Solving these challenges, moreover, has not only put his life in danger, but also that of his loved ones.

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However, it will certainly be interesting to know what the approach of Tom King and Mitch Gerads in this regard. By his words we can deduce that a complex and challenging situation awaits Batman.

Enigma has already proven its worth in batman

Although we have seen different adaptations of Enigma on the big screen, none have been as significant as that of batman. The character played by Paul Danno He is one of the best villains that superhero movies have presented in recent years. In large part, of course, due to the performance of said actor.

During the film directed by Matt Reeves we could see Riddler challenging Bruce Wayne’s intellect and abilities as a detective. On some occasions, in fact, he even beat him. We could not even say that Batman got in the way thanks to his intellectual capacity, since it was the Enigma himself who planned to capture him and then try to deal a final blow through his faithful followers.

Of course, Enigma is far from finished in the Matt Reeves universe. It is known that the villain will have his own series of comics written by Dano and, on the other hand, the feature film left the door open for his appearance in future installments. Will we see him team up with Barry Keoghan’s Joker? well the comic The War of Jokes and Riddles you already imagined it.