A video shows what Resident Evil 4 would look like in Unreal Engine

A video shows what Resident Evil 4 would look like in Unreal Engine

When talking about some of the best horror games of the early 2000s, the beloved Resident Evil 4 is often talked about. It may not be the scariest Resident Evil game in the series, but the fourth delivery is a classic. Now, think about what this title from 17 years ago would look like in first person and made in a newer graphics engine.

That is basically what Daniel Siemieniaco has done. Using his skills and experience as a 3D environment artist, he has managed to recreate a moment of Resident Evil 4only this time in Unreal Engine 4.

However, this is just a visual demo and he’s not doing a remake of the game, but seeing it in this lighting, and with Leon moving slowly around the room, gives the scene a much creepier feel.

Once the camera pans through a window, it becomes clear that this is the moment players first encounter the Regenerator. For those who are not so familiar with the game, the monster Regenerator of Resident Evil 4 it is a beast, albeit a slow one, that can regrow its limbs if shot, hence its name.

Players must use an infrared scope to shoot at weak spots in order to kill the creature. Tantalizingly, Siemieniaco’s video ends with the monster breaking down the door so that everything cuts to black.

Since the new games in the series are played from a first-person perspective, it’s no wonder people are interested to see what some of the other installments would look like from this point of view.