A tournament feature is coming to PS5

A tournament feature is coming to PS5

As face-to-face events continue to be canceled due to the pandemic, different companies have to come up with new ways to offer competitive tournaments in a digital age. Thus, Sony has confirmed that the Playstation 5 you will receive a feature known as “tournaments.”

During his last presentation at CES 2022, Jim Ryan, CEO of SIE, revealed that the PS5 will receive a tournament feature sometime this year. Unfortunately, this was the only thing that was commented, at the moment there is no more information related to this section, although it is very likely that it is related to the EVO.

Along with this, a patent has indicated that this section will offer an ability to create competitive tournaments in games that do not even have this function, as well as a section for multiple titles at the same time. In case this last point comes true, this will surely be the new chapter for EVO that PlayStation had mentioned when they acquired this tournament.

Unfortunately, there is no further information on this at the moment, and it is likely that some time will pass before Sony decides to clarify our doubts. On related topics, Epic Games rewards users of Fortnite for a mistake. Similarly, Kingslayer left the roster of Dota 2 by Virtus Pro.


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A tournament feature is coming to PS5

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