During the month of July 2021, the 29th Biennial of France 2021 was failed. The result has not arrived until this month and with excellent news. One of the Spanish teams has achieved the FIAP Gold Medal in the Color category thanks to the series ‘La Vía Láctea’. The other Spanish team that was presented has been in position 20 of 42 countries presented.

The Biennial of France is a contest organized by FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique), an international organization of national photography associations. In Spain this position is held by the CEF (Spanish Confederation of Photography).

As its name suggests, it is celebrated every two years changing the theme: even-numbered years for the Biennials of Black and white and Nature, odd-numbered years for the Biennial of Colour.

And this year two Spanish teams have participated in the category of Colour, one dedicated to the portrait and the other to the Milky Way. And they have achieved an excellent result.

The awarded photographs

The CEF It first called an internal competition among all its partners and with the finalists they organized the two collections. On this occasion the portraitists have remained in a creditable 20th place. And the night photographers have achieved the runner-up and the Gold medal.

The absolute champion has been the British team that has won the World Cup, above our selection with a job dedicated to the cold winter landscapes.

The portrait team consists of:

  Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Maria Antonia Garcia de la Vega

Andreu Noguero Cazorla, Carlos Punyet Miró, Carmen Gálvez Romero, Fernando Morales Clavijo, Fernando Morales Clavijo, Florentino Molero Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Lizancos García, Juan Palmer, Maria Antonia García de la Vega, Mª Luisa Amaya Montero, Mercè Ramírez Andrada, Montse González , Pilar Moreno Alba.

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  Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Montse Gonzalez

And the team of night photographers for:

Alberto José Moreno Jurado, Antonio Figueras Barranco, Carlos González, Jesús M. García Flores, Joan Antoni Gomila Mulet, Jose Antonio Parejo Cabezas, Josep Taltavull Salord, Lourdes Gómez Fernández, Marga Pons Castejón and Pablo Ruiz García.

We are going to see the photographs of the runners-up that surely have spent more than one night without sleep to get the most impressive images of the Milky Way:

Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Jesús M. García Flores- Milky way over the windmills

Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Alberto José Moreno Jurado – Chalice

Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Antonio Figueras Ravine, The Draa River

Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Jose Antonio Parejo Cabezas ‘Faith’

Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Pablo Ruiz Garcia ‘Planet Veronica’

Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Carlos Gonzalez ‘An Extraordinary Journey’

Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Josep Taltavull Salord ‘Starry Night’

Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Lourdes Gómez Fernandez ‘Lookouts of the stars’

Biennial FIAP Color France 2021

Joan Antoni Gomila Mulet ‘Watching the night’

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Congratulations to all the participants of a contest with a very high level. Surely all the photographs attract your attention. The bad luck is that the milky way season is over … We will wait for next year.