Prepare a large cookie sheet or space on a cleared table with a large sheet of non-stick paper sulfurized. Leave a fork there to use later.

Arrange in a large and water resistant frying pan, add the sugar and, optionally, the touch of spices. Heat over low heat until the sugar dissolves and add the almonds, stirring so that they are not crowded much and well covered.

Raise the heat slightly to bring to a boil; lower the temperature and cook, continuing to stir gently, until a shiny syrup forms and reduces. Little by little the liquid level will drop until suddenly the sugar will crystallize.

Continue stirring the almonds well between the “grit”; We could already remove the almonds covered with this drier crust, but we want to give it a more caramelized and shiny touch. Keep on fire, at a mild temperature, without stopping to stir, until the sugar melts again.

A dark caramel will form; continue mixing so that all the sugar melts and the almonds are bathed with that shiny finish, being very careful not to burn them. Once they have the desired point, quickly spread the almonds on the prepared paper, without crowding them, and separate them with the fork.

Let cool completely before eating or storing in airtight containers or gift bags.